Market Research

JC3 helps clients assess their technology, products and/or services to determine the applicability in the Federal Sector. A rigorous research program determines the best target markets based on matching Technology Readiness Level (TRL), functionality, price and operating characteristics with the current technology strategy, operating needs, and budget priorities of the Government. Target markets are sized, stack-ranked and evaluated for penetration timing.

Engagement Strategy and Capture Management

Once target markets are defined, JC3 can support the development of an engagement strategy, including

  • Defining client needs and hot-button issues
  • Supporting the development of collateral materials appropriate to the target market
  • Developing a contact plan including attendance of industry days, project market research response and direct outreach
  • Developing customer relationship including needs assessment discovery and preliminary presentations of products/services
  • Product sale requirements and sales cycles
  • R&D opportunity definition

Proposal Generation

From proposal support to complete outsourced proposal development, our team has the resources to prepare winning Government proposals. Our team incudes the skills sets for:

  • Proposal organization and management
  • Win Theme definition
  • Technical writing
  • Copy editing
  • Compliance management
  • Cost proposal preparation

Strategic Partner Strategy and Execution

We help our customers assess if they should engage with partners and to define the optimal profile of a partner. We can support partner strategy, outreach, and role definition.

Program and Project Management

JC3 has extensive capability for Program and Project Management. Our seasoned executives have a long track record in the management of Government projects, particularly with R&D focus in the defense sector. We also have experts in test plan development and execution.